Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I will remember. Let me do it and I will never forget. (Confucius)


Production Planning

There is often a difficult and ardeous path from an idea or a pattern to a smoothly running production line. Being unfamiliar with local languages, production in parts of Asia is often hampered by language problems, or through the time difference which causes delayed communication.

Being centrally located within Asia through our office in Bangkok enables us to watch over preparatory processes in real-time and eventually allows us to intervene and adjust the production process without delay and thus without accruing any damage.

Quality and Deadlines

Experience shows that the most frequently named reasons why production in Asia went unsuccessful are the lack of or insufficient quality control and missed deadlines of delivery. Through constant surveillance of quality and quantity while running a production your risk will be minimized.

Realize your claims to compensation

Do you have difficulties to realize your claim to compensation of past orders?

Through our long standing experience in Asia we can strongly support you to minimize losses and show the way and possibilities for a successful production in Asia.