If you are not patient in small things you will let down your big plans. (Confucius)


How to ensure quality and timely delivery

Making contacts is the first step when looking for suitable partners. On the basis of your production parameters we will be looking for producers around the whole of Asia. The selection of producers and production locations is an independent process which takes all the factors into account e.g. production costs and transport costs and their synergetic effects. It is self-understood that we include your requirements regarding quality and your delivery date and that we will keep a watchful eye on them.

Match making

After a pre-selection of suitable partners for your specific production plan we will support you in taking the final decision and then match you up with your new business partners. If you wish, we take over for you all direct contact with the producers to avoid any misunderstandings. Of course we will also help you formulate the contracts through our qualified partner in Bangkok which is our main office.