Whoever makes a mistake and does not correct it will add another mistake. (Confucius)

Do you want to produce in Asia to benefit from the enormous low cost advantage that you find in the Far East?

We will support you in all the necessary areas to realize your plans – starting from a feasibility study, selection of partners for the production process up to the complete handling of orders in Asia. Consulting you competently in German and English language will be the basis of a successful cooperation. Please contact us and let us convince you about our performance.

Our know-how


We will be at your side to give advice and support for

  • Choosing appropriate and reliable suppliers
  • Preparing and handling the production
  • Ensuring independant quality control
  • Dealing with customs
  • Delivery per Air or Sea Freight

Your advantages

You will win confidence in planning and production.

You will be sure to have costs under control during the complete production process (from the preparation, to the actual production and the transport) which will make it possible to maximum benefit from the cost advantage, it will avoid any sudden rise of cost and thus guarantee your basis of success.

Through independent quality control, if necessary carried out in several steps directly at the place of production, you will not only reduce further your risk factors but equally ensure excellent quality matching your previously set standards.

The factor which is most frequently overlooked is t the transport to Europe. Either per air or per sea freight we will optimize the process including all the necessary formalities e.g. choosing the logistics partner, filling in forms for customs and freight documents.

Make use of our experience and our existing contacts to local producers in Asia.